As stated many times elsewhere, even though there are very kind Jehovah's Witnesses including family, friends and business associates, there is also much concern that the small band at the top of the Watchtower Society over JWs have permitted the entry and flourishing of negative policies and persons, doing so more and more as the years have passed.  Increasingly persons have exited Watchtower, saying it has become more of a dangerous cult, a religious organization with a deadly Dark Side to it. 

Make your own determinations.  If nothing else you may agree after reading everything else that there has been a lot over the years and continuing of what appears wierd, a lot that has happened which smacks of the strange if not bizarre.


Although there has been debate over if Watchtower's first President, Charles Taze Russell, was a known (non-secret) member of the Masons, there is no doubt that he knew Mason jargon and if not a secret or open Mason was what can be called a wannabee Mason.  It has also been noted that his own father as well as the father of his wife were both Masons.

Watchtower Society, the Masons and some occult groups use common jargon such as the name "Jehovah," also words and expressions such as "New Light" or "light bearer," "Watchtower," and "New World."    Into the 1930s the Watchtower organization also used as common jargon or key words "dawn" and "golden age." 

For example when Russell lived the Bible students group that he and wife Maria spearheaded was the Millennial Dawn Bible Students Association, while the legal organization used by the Dawnists was the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.  Their hymn book was Poems And Hymns Of The Millennial Dawn.  A precursor to the later Awake! magazine was called The Golden Age
(1919 to 1937).

Some common symbols in Watchtower's early publications are also shared by Free Masonry.  Some were the crown with cross and wreath, the winged sun disk, the emblems of the Knights Templars.  In the early days, too, some of the common places for larger meetings or assemblies were places owned by the Masons. 

Russell is buried at Rosemont United Cemetery in the North Hills Area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania directly across the road from the largest Masonic building complex in the United States.  His grave site tombstone is small but near it he had a huge pyramid erected to his memory, and pyramids are another symbol also common to the Masons.  Click to see:

You can obtain your own photos anytime in Pittsburgh.  While on Interstate 179 or McKnight Road you take Exit 12 off onto Babcock Boulevard, go west, then turn left onto Cemetery Lane.  The huge pyramid becomes visible before the top of the hill on your right side, about 35 feet into the cemetery.   The address is United Cemeteries; 226 Cemetery Lane; Pittsburgh, PA 15237-2722; Telephone (412) 931-1017.  

The Watchtower organization split into Jehovah's Witnesses and the Dawn Bible Students Association after Russell died because, despite Russell's will, Joseph Rutherford seized control of most of its assets.    Watchtower grew huge, while Dawn stayed small, doing relatively little advertising of itself.  Some cult experts say that although Dawn appears more Christian, permitting celebration of Christmas and not disallowing transfusions, both are cults. 

It is said (nothing to confirm or disconfirm it) that each Halloween, which is the day Russell died (or some have even speculated was murdered by poisoning), in the early hours of the morning modern Dawnists gather, link hands and perform a circle dance around the pyramid.

It has been widely believed by most people who converted to be JWs that although Watchtower started out with the Russells and in the early days had some wierd, esoteric or occult ideas, it had dropped all those during the lifetime of its third President who was Nathan Homer Knorr. 

However, given the stunningly detailed allegations of Ravyn Giuliana in November 2008 (see more about this elsewhere here), some now believe that although reforming on the surface to grow more during Knorr's reign, Knorr and those top heads coming after him continued their duo nature, a blend of Christianity with secret occult practices and beliefs within the Luciferian fold.   Pat Garza, Mary Woodard and others have also spoken out against Watchtower heads sheltering and permitting the accumulation of pedophile Watchtower-appointed Elders as confirmed by legal case actions and sentencings to prison.

In sermons Russell often used Masonic references as when using “The Grand Master”  or "Great Architect" for God, the “SECRET ORDER” for himself and his followers, "New Light," “Degrees of Knowledge,” etc.

The second President of the Watchtower organization was Joseph F. Rutherford of Missouri.  He stopped using symbols and expressions that Russell had used; and he stopped teaching some things Russell had taught.  

Whereas Russell at least on the surface seemed pleasant, Rutherford was brusque and a drunkard.  However, it is noteable that he still spoke of angels directing the Watchtower magazine and organization.   For example he taught that although God had used the Holy Spirit to enlighten early Christians, starting in 1918, angels were used for doing so:

the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of "the servant", acting by and through his holy angels, has directed and is directing that work. It was the holy spirit that operated upon the minds of men in the early church to take certain action; but now the Lord Jesus himself has returned, is in his temple, and, acting by and through his holy angels, puts into the mind and heart of the remnant class to take positive action and to do a certain work...
 After the holy spirit as an advocate or paraclete ceased to function in behalf of the consecrated, then the angels are employed in behalf of those who are being made ready for the kingdom.... Since 1918 the angels of the Lord have had to do with showing the Ezekiel class the truth.....  (The Watchtower, September 1, 1930, p. 263 ¶ 27; 1931 Yearbook of the International Bible Students Association, Daily Texts and Comments, February 17; Preservation, p. 51; The Watchtower, June 1, 1931, p. 167, ¶35.; Vindication III, 1932, p. 316. See further, Light, book II, 1930, p. 20; Preservation, 1932, p. 152.)

Rutherford also said before Armaggedon God would send angels to inform the remnant so that they would have time to notify humanity:

No man can properly interpret prophecy, and the Lord sends his angels to transmit correct information to his people,.... The Greater Gideon [Jesus] does not begin the Armageddon battle until the message of truth from Jehovah God concerning the same is transmitted by his angels to the faithful remnant on the earth.
(The Watchtower, February 15, 1935, p. 52, ¶7, 8; 1935 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, Daily Texts and Comments, November 13. See further, The Watchtower, July 1, 1938, pp. 199, 200, ¶24, 25; 1939 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, Daily Texts and Comments, June 22; J.F. Rutherford, His Vengeance, 1934, p. 6.)

"Is The Watchtower a means or channel employed by God to transmit information to his people?... he could and would transmit information to his people... No man can properly interpret prophecy, and the Lord sends his angels to transmit correct information to his people,..."  (The Watchtower, February 15, 1936 p. 52.)

Ravyn Giuliani has spoken of Watchtower elites using "automatic writing."  She alleges even after Rutherford, Watchtower heads such as Knorr, Franz and Henschel used herself as a spirit channeling infant before she finally became Christian as an adult.  As such she wrote messages they believed genuinely  transmitted from a spirit being through her hand onto paper.

Interestingly, Watchtower President Charles Taze Russell said "A truth presented by Satan himself is just as true as a truth stated by God... Accept truth wherever you find it, no matter what it contradicts." (Zion's Watchtower.  July 1879, pp 8, 9)  

Rutherford and other Watchtower Presidents carried on with using all kinds of information, even when taken out of context or misquoted in order to try to get Jehovah's Witnesses and readers among the public to believe what they wanted them to believe as "the Truth."  (Contrast John 8:42-48)

Watchtower thoroughly condemns speaking to spirit but used the spiritist Johannes Greber for helping support their New World Bible translation. They knew of his ties to Spiritism back in 1955 but kept using his wrong translation notions until 1987, only stopping their reference to him after exposed for it. 

However they continued to reference John S. Thompson as an authority
in their Kingdom Interlinear Translation of 1985 p. 1139-1140.  Thompson's book The Monotessaron, or The Gospel History, According to the Four Evangelists (1829) shows that he too drew inspiration and direction from the spirit world. (

Former Governing Body member Raymond V. Franz has noted in his Crisis Of Conscience that although hoping to stay anonymous the translators for Watchtower's version of the Bible were Frederick Franz, Nathan Knorr, Milton Henschel, Albert Schroeder, George Gangas.  Frederick Franz did most of the work while the others did token or nominal work with it. 

He himself had had some classes in Biblical or Koine Greek but learned what he could of Hebrew on his own.  He deviated greatly from standard, careful renderings of previous translators, for example, using Jehovah instead of Lord in numerous instances in the New Testament or Greek part of the Bible.  Numerous early manuscripts of the Greek or New Testament survive and they all use Lord, never Jehovah.

Rutherford at first said that after Russell died he continued to direct the Watchtower organization:
"This verse (Revelation 8:3) shows that, though Pastor Russell has passed beyond the veil, he is still managing every feature of the harvest work...We hold that he supervises, by the Lord's arrangement, the work yet to be done.  (The Finished Mystery 1917 pp. 144, 256) [http://www.jwfiles.com/occult.htm]

"Hence our dear Pastor, now in glory, is without doubt, manifesting a keen interest in the harvest work, and is permitted by the Lord to exercise some strong influence thereupon.  (Watch Tower 1917, November 1 p. 6161)

Then he sought to cover up his beliefs, writing that "No one of the temple company would be so foolish as to conclude that some brother (or brethren) at one time amongst them, and who has died and gone to heaven, is now instructing the saints on earth and directing them as to their work.  (Jehovah 1934 p. 191)

But in 1989 Watchtower flip-flopped, writing:

"It is fitting, then, that one of the 24 elders, representing anointed ones already in heaven, should stir John's thinking...(Revelation 7:13, 14a) Yes, that elder could locate the answer and give it to John.  This suggests that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today."  (Revelation - Its Grand climax At Hand! 1989 p. 125)

(Do any of you have a usable photo of Pat Garza for posting here?  Email me: jmasonemerson@yahoo.com

At the Silentlambs.org protest rally in 2002 before the Bethel complex of buildings which houses the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, Pat Garza spoke:

“I'm Pat Garza, and I'm here to say that I was raped by Theodore Jaracz when I was a little girl, in the city of Los Angeles, he was the District Servant. There are two boys; their initials are "M.D." and "M.W.", if they - if I could find them theyre older than me, they were there, there were witnesses! We were terrified and silenced! We were not allowed to talk. My life was threatened and my brothers, were threatened, they were going to be killed if I spoke....”

Pat Garza later died of cancer.  She, like others before and since, described ritual abuse from pedophiles within Watchtower as satanic.  
Pedophile rings cut across the usual religious divides, pedophile clergy in one group helping those in others, they or their blind followers seeking to harass victims and outspoken adults, definitely "satanic" and definitely criminal.

To hear her actual voice:

Go to
http://silentlambs.org/education/multimedia.cfm , scroll down to Survivors Speak Out (B) (1.3M audio) (Ted Jaracz accused of molestation) , click on it and after hearing from a few others Pat Garza comes on.


As shown elsewhere on this page Ravyn Giuliani has alleged that some Watchtower Society elites are still covertly practising the occult.  If so, then what form or branch of it? 

Ravyn's descriptions appear to indicate some branch of Luciferianism in which Elites or Special Persons are regular JWs by day but at night freely do occult practices, a balancing of the luminary or orb of the sun by day and the luminary or orb of the moon by night, the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

If Charles Taze Russell's terminology is viewed as not just illustrative, then it is either in part or as a shortened form called The Secret Order.  It has many commonalities with Free Masonry at least insofar as word terminology and symbolism are concerned.

The online encyclopedia wikipedia.org says of Luciferianism that it "is a recently developed offshoot of Satanism that keeps most of the tenets of Satanism, yet it has more leniency to what is commonly referred to as a "good" morality.  Their view of Satan may incorporate some concepts from contemporary western religion, such as the sense of him by some of them as a father."

Luciferians see Lucifer as representing positive characteristics such as knowledge, independence and pride.  They see Lucifer as a Lightbearer, a bringer of New Light (Proverbs 4:17-18) and Truth.  He is seen as a being of fire (light) and air (wisdom), therefore characterized by sunlight, wind, and fire. 

Since knowledge or wisdom have a duo nature, able to be "good” and or “evil,” Lucifer is also represented by the traditional “darkness” of Satanism.  They see these qualities admirable, what is needed to get things done in life.

Luciferianism began in thirteenth-century Germany, teaching that Lucifer should be worshiped as the ruler of the physical world in line with the Bible calling Lucifer (Satan) 'the god of this world' in 2 Corinthians 4:4 and 'lord of this world' (John 12:31).

Any Watchtower elites such as the many alleged by Giuliani may or may not have some links, at least philosophical, with the Church of Lucifer which began only about 1988.   This does not rule out though that they may hold some common beliefs with it such as seeing Lucifer as symbolic of the eternal quest for wisdom a force of and behind particular aspects of nature.

More likely their beliefs do go back to Germany and central Europe (Poland etc), and the Watchtower organization had had many connections with Germany, sometimes trying out innovations there (and other European lands) before going mainstream with them in the United States.  

Being Special or Elite means their views on the Bible can sometimes have an "extra" dimension or layer of "deeper understanding" as compared to what they teach as a surface understanding to regular JWs and the public.  For example their New World translation of the Bible says:

"Furthermore, if you are being led by spirit, you are not under law." (Galatians 5:18)

Most normal JWs and persons in various churches would view that verse as saying that Christians are not under Mosaic Law.   However, those who hold that they are Special Persons, may interpret it more literally to mean that they are not under regular human laws, something normal people (including most reading this) would view as too crazy to believe.

Further, the special persons of the Secret Order can teach and publish that they believe they are subject to human governmental authorities as a protection for themselves (and regular JWs would and do try to comply with this), but for themselves and their doings in reality feel free to not go by the law of human governmental authorities whenever they feel those get in their way.

The goal of not only the Secret Order of the Watchtower but many other such esoteric and occult groups is a New Age, a New Order, a New World of righteousness, a return to Eden, a paradise Earth, a restoration of Golden Age.   Thus they teach standard Christianity by day but believe it is practical to have a policing power by night so as to discipline in righteousness those they feel are practicing "secret sins" such as of a sexual nature.

Such members of the occult could thus practise ritual sexual abuses such as the molestation of children, yet send their human servants or "angels" of Jehovah out to punish those of the Flock doing things such as practicing husband-wife sexual intimacies.  By increasing their efforts to cleanse and seraph or toss people out of the holy organization they believe it is pleasing to Jehovah and He may then act to bring on Armageddon or the end of civilization as it is now known.

Their belief system would include that at Armageddon (a literal place or a time of great significance in history), Jehovah's enemies would be confused and turn on not only "false religion" but then also on one another.  Then would be ushered in the New World, God's Kingdom fully come upon Earth, in which righteousness is to truly dwell, a paradise where people live forever. 

That, speculatively, then, would appear to be the goal..... if the allegations should at some point prove to be fully established, the reader being reminded again that these are allegations and speculations. 

While not perhaps quite as "dangerous" as with full-scale Satanists, those who blend Christianity and Luciferianism are also potentially every bit as dangerous.  If children are raped, if adults are harassed, if children and adults bleed to death, then any and all who lead the way in such happenings are definitely dangerous as well as potentially those whom they command.

Would they ever kill?  By logic, although peaceable by day, those who rape and otherwise harm others, are indeed potential murderers, -- again, if and only if, the allegations prove true. 

Be reminded, though, that there are many decent JWs and possibly up to 98 percent or so are well-meaning, kindly people.   The 1 to 2 percent who call themselves Special People with special knowledge are, if the allegations are true, not only ruinous to all JWs and a menace to the public, but definitely dangerous to all JWs and the public.

Watchtower regularly condemns astrology as is common and acceptable among the churches of Christianity, for example as seen in the Awake! magazine issue of July 8, 1994; pp. 3-7.   However, Watchtower's elites or special persons have not held that belief as seen for example by the use of astrology and  planetary positions made to back Watchtower predictions for 1914. (The Watchtower.  May 1903; p. 3184 WTS reprints) 


Clayton Woodworth was a prominent in the Watchtower organization as co-author of The Finished Mystery. (1917) At a Bible convention in 1914 he admitted that he had recently become mentally unbalanced and demon possessed.   The Finished Mystery appears to allude to his being demon possessed and notes others in the Bible Students movement (now Jehovah's Witnesses, Dawn Bible Students etc) would also be so afflicted as the "time of the end" progressed."

The Golden Age magazine spoke of others in the movement struggling with demons transmitting thoughts into their minds. By the 1930's Rutherford himself claimed that angels were transmitting information and Biblical interpretations for Watchtower publications into his mind.  (He also said that truth is truth even when it comes from demons.) 

Experts believe the anti-emergency blood transfusions doctrine that officially began in 1945 can be traced to him, and for example the following appears in a Golden Age issue of 1931:

"We do well to bear in mind that among the drugs, serums, vaccines, surgical operations, etc., of the medical profession, there is nothing of value save an occasional surgical procedure. . . . Readers of The Golden Age know the unpleasant truth about the clergy; they should also know the truth about the medical profession, which sprang from the same demon worshipping shamans (doctor priests) as did the ‘doctors of divinity.’" (Golden Age, Aug. 5, 1931 pp. 727-728)

Contrary to Woodworth and modern Watchtower heads, the Bible itself via 1 Samuel 14:32-35 shows God forgave Saul's entire army of men who once ate meat with blood in order to stay alive even back with Mosaic Law normally decreed death. 

When JW children and adults die today, and when Watchtower followers seek to promote anti-emergency blood usage among the public, these deaths and dangerous misteachings thus go back to Woodworth who was into the demonic and bizarre as also were Rutherford and before him Charles T. Russell.



From 1895 until 1953 the Watchtower Society taught that Jehovah lived in or on the star Alcyone in the solar system of Pleiades. (Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 3, pp. 327-328; also Reconciliation, p. 14; The Golden Age, p. 540. 

Only in the November 15, 1953 issue of the Watchtower magazine did Watchtower say it had "new light" and no longer officially teaches the belief.  It is possible the "Elites" with "special (occult) knowledge" alledged to still be in control of Watchtower do continue to hold the belief among themselves.  It is known fact that some past Watchtower Presidents and other high up officials have held such beliefs as will be demonstrated many times elsewhere on this page.

The key word is "officially."  Watchtowerite elites, that is "special persons," find no problem mouthing one belief "officially" to the majority of members while holding and quietly teaching "unofficially" other beliefs.

However, even if there is such a covert clique of "Special" knowledge leaders over Watchtower, it is also highly likely that, for example, as regards the Governing Body, there are and have been members who were not part of and would be rightly repulsed by such, not knowing of and even expressing total disbelief that their colleagues are like that, the principle of the right hand not knowing what the left one is doing.

For example, Raymond Franz has written he was shocked to discover when on the Governing Body that Watchtower was keeping the "sin" or "Judicial Committee" files on members, not only for during the lifetimes of the people but continuing thereafter.  Here he was at the very top of the Watchtower organization, and yet he had never been let in on the secret.  The right hand did not know what the left hand was doing.

(Formerly in the Watchtower and pagan she is today in the Roman Catholic Church)

Readers are cautioned that the following still falls within the definition of allegations since not yet aired or proved in any law court.  It has already been told to the U.S. FBI and a growing number of women have made similar allegations.  That pedophilia is practised within Watchtower, there is absolutely no doubt, given the convictions of pedophiles in courts in the U.S., Canada etc.

Ravyn, as well as previous women whistleblowers such as Mary Woodard and Pat Garza appears very credible provided you believe in the existence of God and creatures of energy or spirit commonly called demons and angels.  The following link also details how Watchtower heads in the past, Rutherford's era in particular, have promoted wierd ideas as well as been into occult practices including "automatic writing:"


Ravyn Giuliana was born in1962 and today lives in central Virginia.  She is now a Roman Catholic though in the past a Watchtower and paganism follower.  On her father’s side there were third generation connections with the Watchtower Society.  While her father was in California he left it to join the airforce.  Her mother was “not a strong JW” but passive.  Her Father became what was then called a Company Servant and later an Elder.

While she was still a baby a demon with a cowboy-like appearance appeared in their doorway then went into her bedroom to remain over her crib.  At age three she was dressed in blue and led into woods in New Jersey, seated in a chair down in a 6-8 foot deep pit, given a pen to write to fill a notebook via “automatic writing.”

She had no repressed memories.  She herself saw no sexual misdoings or sacrifices performed in regard to herself but does not doubt that other children were and continue to be so abused.  She had a demon of her own and could call the demon and do automatic writing for the demon even with both her hands.  This meant she was a channeler.

Watchtower officials would meet and have her with them.  She channeled at least onca a week in woods behind her house or with elders after they met at their local kingdom hall, but she also was taken to Brooklyn to perform once a month. 

In the past she has spoken to others on internet forums and they have also come forth about such doings they also know went on at Bethel world headquarters of Watchtower in Brooklyn. She mentioned larger tunnels are used for Bethelites' transportation but in them are doors and smaller tunnels, some only 4 to 5 feet wide, with tiled floors and ceilings.  She gave details on the sizes of the tiles.  There was lighting with bulbs, doors with bars. 

She was taken inside, taken to a closet off of a smaller room, dressed in green-blue robes.  Five to twelve men came in, an altar was set up front before which were chairs.  Candles were lit as well as incense.  She was seated in a chair with her back to the audience of the 8-12 men who also wore robes, blue.  One had a censor that gave forth smoke with a plastic-like odor. 

As she sat there she went into trance and the demon man put a hand upon her shoulder from behind her.  She was given a feather pen.  At various times the pen would be dark, black, burgundy or purple.  She wrote with one hand until it tired and then switched to using the other hand.  She wrote, for example, material that was about Daniel 11 and 12. 

Governing Body members, most of whom have since died, were involved, especially Lyman Swingle, who often smelled of ink.  She would write material then give it to him.  Frederick Franz was there, appearing to her rather creepy, odd, scary.  To her child's mind Nathan Knorr reminded her of then U.S. President Lyndon Johnson.  Knorr was mean.  Also, to her as a child, Milton Henschel resembled U.S. President Eisenhower.

Daniel Sydlik and sometimes his wife sister Sydlyk were there.  She wore a red dress with a purple robe and long beads.  Also there were Grant Suiter, Klein and a person still alive and on the Governing Body, Ted Jaracz.  Also participating at time were lesser known persons of the Watchtower such as Bill Hannon, Asa Parker andTom Peters as well as Leo Volpe who started his own religion in the Vineland, New Jersey area, since deceased but with surviving followers.  Volpe thought he was the resurrected Jeremiah.

There were rituals at the Cemetery at the Watchtower Farm after the annual Memorials of the Last Supper.  Ravyn partook of the emblems of wine and bread with them.

She left Jehovah's Witnesses in 1997.  The Daniel book talks of contact with angels.  An early Watchtower book was on Angels and Women, and her father used to read from it as a storybook for her.  It tells of a fallen angel who wanted to get back into God's organization.

Former Watchtower President Joseph Rutherford as well as Woodworth, the editor of the Golden Age (later named Awake!), were involved in such spiritism.  Ravyn's demon was protective of her much like a guardian angel.  It was a case of Demon Obsession rather than Demon Possession.  This is where a demon is obsessed with a human.  She is now a Catholic, comfortable with Catholicism knowing that it and its priests do not doubt that there are spirit creatures as do some of the Protestant preachers.

Her father used to spend 2-3 weeks in Biloxi, Mississippi, so she believes it may be a center for spiritistic practices.  Also mentioned were Miami, San Diego, the southern California desert area, southern New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and possibly Wisconsin.

She is now free of the the occult.  At first she left JWs and went into the occult a while before becoming Catholic.  As a JW she was a "pioneer" for fifteen years, by which is meant a full-time door-to-door preacher.  While a JW at the end she saw two suicides and a murder.  She found discrepencies in old Watchtower publications, did some research on the internet and the internet got her out of the Watchtower Society altogether.

She underscored that Ted Jaracz was definitely involved.  She has been threatened and, of course, shunned by relatives.  For example she got a blood-stained Watchtower magazine in the mail.  Before coming on the telephone conference and giving her account she spoke with a Catholic priest who told her that if thirty years ago someone had had the courage to go public about child abuse then going on in the Catholic Church, it could have kept the Catholic Church out of its problems with pedophiles.

Rutherford has been quoted as saying that truth is truth even if it comes from the demons.  SRA has been with Watchtower from the beginning.

Rick Fearon mentioned that the October 22, 1989 Awake! magazine had a picture of a young man with a hood and dagger.  Its front cover was "Satanisim - A Deadly Growing Menace." On page 3 a box says it's "Hard To Believe But True."  It speaks of Pennsylvania having child abuse, the sacrificing of animals etc, and there are some 10-12 pages on Satanism.

Ravyn noted (and Rick concurred) that Watchtower does "Hiding In Plain Sight," a diversion by tattling on other to take attention away from what they themselves do.  It's where you do not let your right and left hands know what the other hand is doing.  Ravyn said that it is a kind of duo worship, of day versus night, God in the day versus Satan of the night.

Ravyn, when a child being used as for automatic writing or channeling lived in the countryside in New Jersey south of Vineland and Millville (or was it Mill Woods?).  Sydlyk came often, sometimes stayed with the Hanons.  There was no altar in the woods but a 6-8 foot deep it.  Area kids would sometime come upon and called the pits "snake pits" because there were dead snakes in them.

She father got her used to dead things like snakes, cats, and dogs.  She handed over her notebooks usually to the Swingle and was later told they went on to Frederick Franz' office.

She mentioned that her father and other elders would some hold their own extra meetings after the regular meetings and they would use her to consult with her demon.  Once a demon directed the elders who were deliberating on if to disfellowship a JW man who had accused of smoking to go out into the parking lot of the kingdom hall.  Two did and caught the man there smoking a cigarette; then he was disfellowshipped.

In recent years Watchtower's pedophilia and its secret ties with the United Nations have been exposed on the internet.  She is not sure but believes her father and the others were into some form of Luciferianism or Enochianism insofar as their occultic practices go.  Watchtower's first official President was Charles Russell whose grave is next to a huge pyramid erected on the largest property for Masons in the United States.  In the occult Watchtowers are are symbols for the Grigori or Fallen Angels.

Her husband works with Homeland Security.  She spoke with the FBI and they said since there was no crime such as pedophilia involved with what she related their hands were tied but that they assured her that they have long been watching the Watchtower Society.

She noted that cults 1. isolate, 2. insulate, and 3. demonize non-members.  JW activitiy seems to be increasing in recent years.   Chapters 11 and 1 of the Watchtower's Daniel Book are based upon demon information that was channeled through her.  Her maiden name was Pangborn.  Her Grandmother was born in Millville, New Jersey.  On her father's side, Ravyn was the third generation of JWs. 

Besides Ted Jaracz she did not meet any of the current Governing Body members.  However, the name Pierce is familiar to her though possibly not in regard to the Pierce currently on Watchtower's Governing Body.  Her father called Satan the name "Lucifer."

NEXT PART talks about Barbara Anderson's questioning of Ravyn Giuliani.  Keep returning for it.

Barbara Anderson questioned Ravyn Giuliani at length.  As she did so she repeatedly said she was not trying to attack Ravyn but simply wanted the truth; that she is no sort of apologist for the Watchtower.  She and her husband Joe Anderson in listening had questions for example about the alleged side tunnels leading to rooms where Ravyn said she had channeled for many Watchtower officials.  In questioning it was brought out that rather than tunnels off of the main tunnel Ravyn was speaking of some rooms that are down underground.  I believe the conclusion was that they may be rooms for doing things like laundry or storage.

Barbara had at times been for example in the office of Frederick Franz and never spotted manuscripts that Ravyn had written.  Ravyn said those may have been transcribed, typed out more legibly. 

Barbara and Ravyn discussed that Ravyn’s father may have used powerful drugs on her at times.  Barbara said that Ravyn had quite a “gift” to be able to remember things so well going back to when she was only three years old. 

The main thing that Barbara asked about and which Barbara appeared to clearly deny the accuracy of Ravyn’s recollections was Ravyn’s recollection of the wife of Daniel Sydlik.  Ravyn said her hair was red and Barbara said, no, it was auburn. I used dictionary.com for the definition of auburn which is “1. a reddish-brown or golden brown color,” which means it may be viewed as red, a kind of golden brown or blonde.

Click this to see on google.com photos of auburn hair and see if it's mostly red or otherwise to yourselves: http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=auburn+hair&gbv=2

Barbara said the Marina Sydlik whom she personally knew while at Bethel was not the Marina Sydlik whom Ravyn described since Ravyn said she was talkative and friendly.  Barbara said that instead Marina was extremely quiet.  Barbara did not note and Ravyn, who was tired out from talking for several hours, did not note either that the same person can be very different when in company with others who are of like mind and beliefs.

Ravyn said Marina had an accent and that to her it sounded German.  Barbara said that was false, that Marina’s accent was definitely British.  In fact British English descends from Old English also known as Anglo-Saxon which was the language of the German tribes the Angles and Saxon who along with the Jutes invaded Britain from what is now Germany.  To many listeners some of the many dialects of British English have a close resemblance to German.   For example speakers of Cockney and many Germans use glottal stops or a clipped type of enunciation.

At one point Barbara remarked upon how odd it seemed that Ravyn's father read to her from the book about the fallen angel as a storybook, in other words that an adult was reading from a full-fledged book for adults to a tiny child.  I myself noted that when I had infant children I sometimes would get a book that wasn't a little children's book, open and read not verbatim from it but giving them the basics of the story.  I did not note but it is true that sometimes adults read, verbatim at that, to young ones from the Bible. 

Ravyn was asked, I believe by Barbara Anderson, how she could be a JW pioneer by day and then a channeler or spiritist by night.  Ravyn said from infancy her father taught her that they were "special people" who knew special knowledge the others, the typical or maybe 99% of JWs, were not privvy to.

All being as well as possible summarized and with only a few comments in the foregoing,  readers  are invited to draw their own conclusions on what all was said.  You are also urged to go to the sixscreensofthewatchtower.com website which in a few more days should be back online after the broadband matter is resolved.  Rick will have posted his tape of the telephone conference there, and personally I doubt this is the last presentation on this topic, and others may also speak and write on it.

Will those who are the bosses at Watchtower now step into the light to offer rebuttals?  In the past that hasn't happened, including not after what Woodard or Pat Garza had to say.  It would be interesting, though, if they did and even more so if it wound up that by discovery process, say, a whole lot of Watchtower materials including the database of over 23,000 records of pedophilia were to also see the light.

It's good to reflect upon the fact that although some of the Watchtower's elite were mentioned (alleged at this point anyway), others were not.   Further, although some might speculate there may be 1%, 2% or even 4%, say, among JWs that are knowingly bad eggs (including those not only into ritualistic harassing or raping as pedophiles and their protecters but into the occult), still that would mean that 99%, 98%, or 96% are still pretty decent although horribly misled.  

There have been and are many good people living as JWs despite any darker doings by embedded, sheltered pedophiles and the like in the organization, going from the Watchtower in New York at the top on down into the worldwide congregations.  May the FBI not only investigate but when there is sufficient evidence act upon it so as to save a lot of their lives that will otherwise be lost or ruined.

 In an email from Ravyn Giuliana she notes: “The memories I have of the smaller tunnels off the larger ones could very well be the hallways and anterooms that Barbara mentioned as regards the kitchens and laundries---I am open to that. But I DO remember the tiles and the colors. As far as her impression of certain people I knew, well it kinda goes to say that if one is a JW during the day and a Satanist at night there might be more than one aspect to their personalities doesn't it? And I consider red hair and auburn hair to be basically the same.

I woke up this morning with a whole different perspective. I can now see where my father was also a victim. No excuse for his not doing proper parenting (no excuse for my mom either) BUT he has struggled his whole life with similar issues and now I can see that he was way in over his head too. For the first time in my whole life I actually feel as if I can pray for his deliverance. I feel like maybe he has not had as many choices as I assumed he had. (whoa---is this forgiveness?)"

I woke up this morning with a whole different perspective. I can now see where my father was also a victim. No excuse for his not doing proper parenting (no excuse for my mom either) BUT he has struggled his whole life with similar issues and now I can see that he was way in over his head too. For the first time in my whole life I actually feel as if I can pray for his deliverance. I feel like maybe he has not had as many choices as I assumed he had. (whoa---is this forgiveness?)"


"Do Angels Give Light To The Watchtower Society?" is a two page article written by Lorri MacGregor.  She notes in it that the Watchtower Society's literature for Jehovah's Witnesses is full of references to "angels" directing Watchtower's work, and the Governing Body men over the Watchtower Society consider themselves in particular, rather than "anointed" JWs in general who are said to number only 144,000 to truly be the central or special, elite "remnant" group mentioned in the Bible.

She notes, for example, back in 1932 Watchtower published Vindication, volume III which on page 250 says "...the heavenly messengers or angels of the Lord now used by the Lord in behalf of the remnant.  These angels are invisible to human eyes and are there to carry out the orders of the Lord.  No doubt they first hear the instruction which the Lord issues to his remnant and then these invisible messengers pass such instruction on to the remnant."  In stark contrast, in the Bible faithful angels were seen and their messages clearly heard.

MacGregor also points out that former Governing Body member Raymond Franz says in Crisis Of Conscience that Watchtower's doctrines for JWs come not by prayer or Bible study but are supposed to somehow be by "angelic direction," which Watchtower has also often said.  
MacGregor says if the remnant, that is those Governing Body members most in the know, don't see the spoken of angels, then "one can only assume that they 'hear voices' or perhaps receive 'truths' by 'automatic handwriting' or some such procedure."

Departing a moment from MacGregor's article, it is worth commenting that, for example, former JW now Catholic Ravyn Giuliani has given detailed allegations naming deceased Watchtower Society presidents Knorr, Franz and Henschel as well as a Governing body member nicknamed "the Boss" as participants at automatic handwriting events.  Giuliani gave the details archived on sixscreeensofthewatchtower.com, and a written summary also appears on

Continuing now with MacGregor's article, she notes that Revelation 14:5 says the remnant of 144,000 are blameless and without any lie found in their mouth.  To the contrary, Watchtower's heads have often mispredicted dates for Armageddon, for example: 1975, 1941, 1918, 1915,1914, 1879, 1874.  On page 120 of volume 1 of the 1930 publication Light, the statement is written that "Again God put it in the mind of his people, by his angel, to act and to carry out his purposes."

MacGregor notes the Bible nowhere says angels put things into believers' minds, although Holy Spirit can motivate us in this way.  She also notes that Galatians 1:8, 9 warns that even if we or an angel preached a Good News contrary to what Christ and the apostles taught, then "let him be accursed."  Jeremiah 23:16 says to not listen to those prophesying futilely.  In ancient times such a false prophet was stoned.

In its early days the Watchtower organization's heads were definitely and openly into pyramidology, numerology, stargazing etc.  Today they no longer talk positively of such things or predict exact end-dates to the general membership or public, but they do still do some things quite openly such as have a Bible translation that falsely gives the name "Jehovah" where every existing early manuscript says "Lord," and when you look at their entire history of over a century from 1874 to today, it is full of falsehoods, futile predictions etc.

The Governing Body also teaches as "The Truth" that many now living will never die living in paradise earth even though the Bible says the real Good News is that because of Christ there will be a resurrection and at 1 Corinthians 15:22 Paul says we all sin so all will die and need resurrection.  Adam and Eve were told they would never die but could live forever in paradise, and the source of this attractive but false Good News wasn't God but a serpent or Satan. (Genesis 3)  

Some Governing Body members are more "knowing" than others.  It is as if there are circles within circles or rings within rings within the Watchtower Society, some being more "intimate companions" of knowledge working for or with Watchtower's versions of "angels."  MacGregor concludes, noting that membership in the Watchtower Society is falling in all but third-world lands where there is relatively little access to the internet. 

Due to misdirection, JWs, sometimes children too, are bleeding to death despite 1 Samuel 14:31-35 showing God forgave all Saul's men after they ate unbled meat to stay alive.  Misdirected at the yearly Memorial of the Last Supper, most do not partake of the bread and wine emblems, thus symbolically denying the Body of Christ.  Though Colossians 2:16 says not to judge others over holidays they are misled to do just that including over Christmas, though God's own real angels and shepherds celebrated Christ's birthday. (Lu 2)

Silentlambs.org has numerous TV and newspaper articles about JW Elders molesting children, the pedophiles' numbers increasing yearly since 1972 when Watchtower said JW Bodies Of Elders need not automatically delete as Elders those who confessed to molesting if several years had passed without it becoming widely known.

Those Jehovah's Witnesses who have not already done research on the internet really need to, and if they want a new arrangement for spiritual fellowshipping after leaving Watchtower, they are welcome to develop or attend Christian house-churches as noted at in "Christian Packet" near the top of christianwitnesses.com. 



NOTE.  Most JWs (or clergymen in other groups) including most Elders, were you able to get inside their heads, are well-meaning or certainly would like to think they are, but as shown time and again over thousands of years there are also those who have succumbed to doing what is wrong, and this is even more likely to be the case, for example, in those Jehovah's Witness kingdom halls with one or more pedophiles. 

Pedophiles are not only a danger to children but sometimes do additional unethical and or criminal activities against adults as varied as peeping tommery, wiretapping,  harassment, sometimes druggery, fanatical "policing" to ferret out those committing "secret sins" by which they often mean even normal husband-wife sexuality etc, in part hoping their doing so will make themselves appear more righteous and be more protected.  If it sounds crazy, remember, that's exactly what pedophiles are.  

Such pedophiles are especially dangerous when they move into positions of power as Elders, although, again, there are also many well-meaning Elders.    Those men from headquarters who move them into such positions may themselves be closet pedophiles or certainly have lost all their senses.

The following is not anti-JWs but rather anti-pedophiles and other criminals embedded among and harming JWs including children.  It is not limited to "Satanic Ritual Abuse" (SRA) but Ritual Abuse in general or what has sometimes been termed gang harassment, cause harassment, cult harassment,  terrorist stalking etc.
   By their unnatural and perverse nature, pedophiles, whether they don robes and hoods or not, especially so when they are part of a ring associated with a religion of whatever type(s), are Satanic, Ritual and Abusive.  

Some reading this will prefer to believe that an organization of over 1,000,000 members in the U.S. or 8,000,000 associating from worldwide has no SRA pedophile members, because, despite logic, it is "too much for their minds to bear," too staggering, too saddening even depressing to believe.   When they compute how many perps that would mean if the percentage for such is one in a thousand or one in a hundred, two in a hundred etc, is too much for some people who suddenly realize whom they may have been around at times past.  Nevertheless, trying to wish away inconvenient facts doesn't make the facts go away.

Another logical point is that when an organization is so huge, the statistical likelihood is that it also has not only active pedophiles sheltered within it but, if you look closer, it is also more likely to be sheltering those similar ilk, that is spouse abusers, thieves, murderers etc.  Besides common sense statistics, Christ also warned of weeds mixed in with the good plants.

Gustave Doré's depiction of Satan from John Milton's Paradise Lost.


SATAN & RITUAL ABUSE The following is about not just any one particular group such as the Watchtower Society over Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, etc, but is general although the names of some groups do also appear at times.  Nor is this any kind of attack on JWs, Catholics, etc although pedophilia and other crimes and abuses such as come from clergymen definitely are exposed.  Some of us have beloved family and friends in such groups and our desire is to help them by truthfully, lovingly exposing those who mislead and endanger them.

To begin, then, insofar as Satan is concerned, possibly a very good, solid modern equivalent of the word "spirit" is the word "energy."  The Bible says that God is spirit (John 4:24) or, as some translations say, "a Spirit."  Indeed the Bible says that God is not just a good feeling, but He is the great Spirit or Source of all energy that created our star-filled universe and planet Earth.  (Ge 1:1)  

The Bible also speaks of there being myriads and myriads, that is, numerous, created angels, that is spirits or energy beings.  The One who made ears can hear, and similarly God can think.  The Source of all creation is not dumb or stupid but far beyond humans in all abilities including intelligence. 

The spirit or energy beings made by God include some who work with God, others who oppose God.  In the Bible those for God are called the angels; and those against God are called the demons. 

It is common sense that in the case of any group, there tend to be leaders and a leader of leaders.  The head leader of the demons is called Satan or the devil.  Scriptures in Job, for example, show Satan is an actual being, not just a bad thought or the concept of evil.  Scriptures also say that Satan even sought to tempt Jesus Christ but failed. (Matthew 4)

Christ noted that the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one.  (1 John 5:19) So according to Christ, Christians need to know that there is an actual being capable of misleading entire nations, religious groups and business organizations around the planet. 

Satan doesn't have to exercise absolute control everywhere every second, for to keep the world in his power or control he is able to subtly, craftily manipulate matters from time to time.  For example, we observe that nations get along fine for decades, then suddenly there is war between two nations or even a world war involving many nations. 

Big business can and often does act to provide much prosperity.  However, at times, bankers and stock brokerages are manipulated by the love of money or greed so that it brings down the economy of one or even many nations around the world.

Religions also often promote peace, love, kindness, joy for people, but that's also not always the case.  For example in Christianity there are some unusually good religious groups, a whole lot of average groups, and some bad or even downright dangerous groups, usually called cults, that range from being tiny to being largely with millions of followers.

Satan generally controls cults from behind the scenes, making most of the regular members think bad things that go on are actually good and pleasing to God.  In fact Satan is "an angel of light," like "a roaring lion" or wolf in sheep's clothing. (1Peter 5:8, Matthew 7:15) 

You may wonder what the most secretive bad fruits are that cults do when under the direct control of Satan's human helpers, called Satanists, people who for a fact do also exist.  How do they get more converts and control over religious groups for Satan?

Satanists move to become the top level members of or even to found religious groups.  They attain positions in the groups and then appoint other Satanists like themselves to also be clergy members, variously called in different group by names such as preachers, ministers, priests, elders, servants, bishops, shepherds etc. 

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) has been hard to get evidence about and something that many policemen, therapists etc have denied exists; while others have said that they have heard way too many people giving the same accounts that show that Satanists definitely do exist and they secretly practice Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA.  For some more about the controversy, read about the "Pace Memorandum" on SRA and Mormonism.

Some who do not believe in SRA will agree that pedophiles have infiltrated top local and sometimes national levels of hierarchially structured religious groups, network or work as gangs praying upon the "sheep" under them.  After all, there are way too many court convictions of such criminals to deny the facts.  Settlement payouts have been to the tune of millions of dollars coming from Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the non-Christian Hare Krishnas etc.

There is more likely to be agreement when the term "Satanic ritual abuse" is dropped and some substitute used such as "Systematic ritual abuse," although in any case evil crimes like murders and rapes are by their very evil nature also "Satanic."

How might SRA, whether called Satanic, Systematic or otherwise go?  For example, picture a Bible Convention where thousands of regular members of a group attend, sing songs, hear a lot of talks about the Bible.  At an agreed upon point in time, some of the clergy excuse themselves.  They drive to a nearby place of worship for their denomination.  Its windows, if any, are draped with purple curtains, and there is much other use made of purple, a color symbolic for Satanism.

Children, both boys and girls, are brought forth and raped, sometimes even by family or high up church officials.  The Satanists may wear masks such as for cartoon characters or animal faces, so that if years later any of the children ever report the ritualistic abuses to the police, the police will be much inclined to think what the kids say are lies, wrong recollections or symptoms of mental defects.  

The kids may also be forced to kill and or eat part of a small sacrificed animal if not a just born baby.  Shock may submerge their memories which surface only years later.  Their interest in normal sex may be destroyed, depression constant.

Most members in the group beyond the inner sanctum or "circle of intimates" do not know what is going on.  This includes some other clergymen in the group who are left out of the secret criminal or Satanic component so that they will insist, swear and give oaths that they know nothing of such things ever going on. 

Grassroots members and such of the clergy not given the "unbearable" knowledge of what is going on naturally believe that anyone, even loving family members, who speak badly of the leadership, must themselves be either liars or have some kind of mental problem or messed up memory. 

In any case, even putting "Satanic" Ritual Abuse controversy aside, the fact is that pedophiles do indeed get into religious groups and advance as far as possible up into leadership positions.  As shown time and again, when a grassroots member's child is raped by a pedophile then the heads of the local group may come to the parents and say something like:
"Just let it go!  Leave it in God's own hands!  Don't report this to the police or it's going to bring reproach upon God and God's earthly organization!  You'll actually be against God!"  

If the parents report the molestation to the police, then they may be accused by the clergy of being "slanderers" or verbal "smiters," and then punished by shunning or excommunication if not altogether kicked out of the organization and being stripped of all association with family and friends who remain in it.  The "Exclusive Brethern" group practices such cruel, anti-Christian destruction of families. 

Christ said he would divide households but it was over who did or didn't do what was right, not by severe group shunning or excommunication.  At 2 Corinthians 2:6 Paul admits that a "majority" and so therefore not all Christians had not shunned a wrongdoer whom he, Paul, had suggested they should shun.  This showed that even Paul could not order around other Christians although he could and did the younger man Timothy who was acting as a missionary worker. 

Yet cults demand that all followers must shun or be shunned.  James said to not have formal judging of fellow Christians, but there are groups that have committees set up to do just that.

The simple fact is that pedophiles, regardless of which group they are embedded in, are a pack of criminals.  Those pedophiles in one religious group sometimes network and help out those in other religious groups of totally different beliefs in order to try to shut up the victims and persons who speak up for the victims.  Christ said those hurting Little Ones deserved having a mill-stone put around their necks and then cast into the sea. (Luke 17:2)

Whether called Bishops, Elders or whatever, the pedophile clergy may tell some of the "Brothers and Sisters" who are among the most devout and faithful, that so-and-so or a certain family are "apostates," "Sons of Perdition" or a like name, and they must therefore be severely disciplined. 

Misinformed non-clergy "Brothers and Sisters" who are always ready to assist the clergy may be told that they are to play the part of "the Lord's evil spirit" (or Jehovah's evil spirit) which for example is mentioned at 1 Samuel 16:14 as terrorizing (NASB), tormenting, troubling, or terrifying Saul. 

The pedophile clergy may tell their gullible helpers that their activities will drive the person(s) out or make him or them return to the sheep's fold, snatch him or them out of the fire.  The "blind faith" obedience of such "Brothers and Sisters" reminds one of the "blind misleading the blind." 

The Satanic pedophiles embedded among the clergy (priests, bishops, elders, ministers) may have also have the parents wiretapped, may institute gang stalking or harassment, for example, having rocks hurled upon the parents' house top, doors rattled, obscene midnight phone calls, quick verbal warnings like "come back to God," a dead bird at the doorstep, etc; forced or by-key entry into a residence for positioning wiretaps or leaving behind noisemaking "spooky" or "wake-up" devices, etc, electronically activated from a distance, etc.

Pedophiles have a nearly 100% re-offending rate and are dangerous not only because of raping children, but for other offences.  For example they sometimes also commit murder, wiretap, harass, conduct peeping-Tom activities.

Although relatively few members may experience such systematic or Satanic abuses and harassment, all members in a group are seen by a Satanic cult to like so much clay that it can mold, trained, discipline, brainwash via the group's dangerous false doctrines. 

The Satanic molding, disciplining etc are constant.  Members are told that they must attend numerous lengthy meetings to please God, even though the time would be better spent taking one's family camping or picnicking etc. 

When adults and kids complain to others that there is a lack of happiness, that the religion doesn't permit joy, or the sort of gentle yoke that Christ says he offers, then they are told they are not being good enough, not Christian enough, wanting to take the easy way, immature etc, even though they are in fact correct.  Others have said that the International Church of Christ, a branch off of the regular Church of Christ, has been such an example.

When children bleed to death and their parents are told that it was God's will and that staying faithful to God unto death brings praise to God, then that too is a Satanic falsehood.  Jehovah's Witnesses are taught Acts 20 says abstain from blood so that they or their children must die rather than take emergency blood despite 1 Samuel 14:32-35 showing God forgave Saul's men who ate un-bled meat to stay alive.

Christ said that all who want a relationship with him must drink of the Last Supper or memorial emblems (John 6:53), and so when a group's heads tell members that God wants that only a select few members can partake, this is a form of the ritualistic practice which Satanists also follow called: "denying the body of Christ."

Some few groups, not just JWs, have top leaders who teach grassroots followers that God does not want them to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ even though angels did as shown clearly at Luke 2.  This denies joyful, rightful celebration even to the members' children.  The adults are wrongly taught that doing so actually pleases God when the opposite is true, another mark that is also anti-Christ and Satanic.

Some groups including the racist Aryan Brotherhood teach Theocratic Warfare.  TW is a doctrine saying it's okay to lie to ones enemies, whether they are external or internal to the group, because it helps the group which is doing God's work, and therefore such lying is pleasing to God.  This is certainly anti-Christ and Satanic.

Again, the most dangerous sign of a cult is the death of innocents.  It is sometimes heard  that some branches of Mormonism practice or have practiced secret, ritualistic "blood atonement" killings. 

Jim Jones in 1978 had over 909 American followers (276 being children) in his People's Temple group murdered along with himself in Guyana.  Some other killer groups have been the Branch Davidians offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists, the Catholic offshoot called the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God was in Uganda, Africa, the UFO religious group called Heaven's Gate, the secret Solar Temple society based on Knights Templars, etc.

So, if one is in a "mainstream" group or a smaller group, in any case it is necessary to stay on guard, for Satan and his followers sometimes target mainstream groups as well.  For example there are Baptists preachers who have been convicted of evil crimes.

When people suddenly learn that they actually have been in a cult, they often feel deeply shocked, utterly betrayed and scarcely able to bear the real truth of whatever has finally ripped the veil off their eyes.  They may say to themselves, "How could I have been fooled so thoroughly and for so many years!"  They may leave quietly or they may seek to somehow fight and try to rescue their loved ones from within or outside the organization.

At Revelation 18:4 God says to get out of the evil sister-like branches of Christianity (and really any religion) that are controlled by Satan.  To not get out of her causes one to share in her sins and suffer her plagues.  Satan is real and so are those who knowingly do his bidding as well as subtly get others to do the same. 

Happily, though, as Christ also says, after you have received the Real Truth, then that truth will set you free. (John 8:32)  Satan flees from the bright spotlight of the truth into the darkest of shadows, though eager to find a better time to return.  

Let us busy ourselves then with what is joyful, happy and bright even while wide awake, on guard with the peaceful but powerful sword of Truth and the broad shield of Love.  Paul says Christians can also appeal to Caesar's sword, that is authorities or secular, governmental agencies such as the courts, police, and legislatures.

Satan worshippers kill and eat four Russian teenagers after stabbing each of them 666 times

Court documents claim man killed step-daughters in Satanic ritual

Satanic Worshipper Defends Himself In Murder Case

South Africa: Alleged boy killer dabbled with Satanism

Serbia: Police arrest man suspected of killing two in satanic ritual

Priest abuse victim pressured by Church


Argentinean courts confirm boy was killed in satanic ritual

(Tape is on sixscreensofthewatchtower.com)

Rick Fearon noted that he had been in Florida in 1993.  There, an anointed Sister mentioned with conviction and in credible tone that when a child in Pepperell (spelling?), MA, she and her sister were taken by their parents somewhere to a terrifying Satanic ritual event with JWs in it. 

He also mentioned that there was an Elder in Miami who had experienced a similar situation.  He said Miami is something of a picked city for Jehovah's Witness SRA. 

At Glocestershire in Tewksbury County, England, in 2007 active JW Eunice Spry was found guilty of terrorizing her three foster kids for 19 years, among other things beating them on the soles of their feet, made them drink bleach and starved them.  At least one was rubbed raw with sand paper.  She forced them to eat vomit and rat excrement; was sentenced to 26 years in prison.  These are the facts, documented in U.K. newspaper accounts.

So, although they would deny it, Jehovah's Witnesses are involved in such things.

In Dundee, Scotland, a Jehovah's Witness named William Shankster, was an evil bully who forced his kids to stand up with weights on their arms and beat them with a knife sharpener as they faltered.  He stuck little one's head in toilet, starved the kids in his room for up to 24 hours, forced them to walk miles to school.  He too was convicted and sent to prison.

A JW woman said a JW woman friend in Georgia she had been a victim of SRA.  Her parents were missionaries, even shareholders in the Watchtower.  She said her parents and other JWs were Satanists and there's a ring of Satanists in the Watchtower organization that may extend around the world.

A local Massachusett's friend of Rick and Inez Fearon had JW parents who were Finnish translators for Watchtower.  At the Watchtower as a child he was raped by Leo Greenlees, who is now deceased but was then of the Governing Body.   

(COMMENT: Interestingly, two weeks after the above Ravyn Giuliani also appeared on the telephone conference and alleged that named Elites at Watchtower world headquarters had participated, dressed in cult garments, at spiritistic "automatic writing" sessions held in small rooms if not separate sections of the tunnel section in Brooklyn's Bethel..... More items regarding SRA in the Watchtower organization are forthcoming so keep returning and reading here so as not to miss them.)

(Rough summary based on Nov 11, 2008 tape now posted at sixscreensofthewatchtower.com)

One morning Heidi’s dad took her and sister two hours to a non-JW hall, hit Heidi on thigh for being to fidgety.  Mother was nonJW and upset with him.  For a while he quit JWs.  In 1989 sister feel in love with Irish Catholic and married him, but it collapsed after a year. 


Now she was alone and having to raise a baby.  She started studying with JWs, is now married again for fifteen years and still an active JW.  She had been bubbly, now is quiet and appears in a cult.  She asked if Heidi wanted to also study using You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth book.


Heidi later studied with an Elder’s wife.   Heidi found it bizarre being told how she must dress to please Jehovah.   She found JWs at meetings too controlling, for example, disliked seeing that at a convention a JW father had a convention aggressively grab his little boy’s arm. 


In January 2002, Heidi felt gripped with fear of Watchtower’s message of Armageddon being just around the corner.  She hopped an airplane for an impromptu holiday trip to hear a band in Dublin.


She called up the Elder’s wife, called her and said she wanted no more of the study.  The Elder’s wife said Heidi was wrong to have kept asking “the same questions.”  She went to two more meetings, though; moved to a flat (apartment) about a two mile walk to the Watchtower.


She returned home from the second time at the hall and found her garden gate smashed, reeking of mold.  She went to a cafe, got on the internet, found a video and from it then went to sixscreensofthewatchtower.com. 


Heidi found out from it about Charles Taze Russell having been involved in the occult (that is, things such as necromancy, pyramidology, Masonic symbols etc).  Russell had died on Halloween night, a fact that found her laughing. 


What JWs taught then they don’t teach today, changing their expressed beliefs to make them more acceptable to the public.  Heidi wondered how her sister could now be a JWs.  She has since also read David Icke’s Children Of The Night and a book about Watchtower’s occult connections by researcher Fritz Springmeier on the Illuminati organization. 


Returning to Icke, Heidi mentioned that in his book he tells of a Diana Huckston (?) doing research on Watchtower and finding for example that Watchtower has underground tunnels under Brooklyn headquarters where they have practiced Satanic Ritual Abuses. 


Although having left Watchtower, she still feels its effect, for example sometimes having had nightmares.  She spoke with Mary of New York who related similar post-Watchtower effects and stressed that unlike the Watchtower organization, God doesn’t change. 


Mary talked about how she herself had been stalked by JW Elders.   Heidi said she also found it upsetting how the Elders were constantly watching, assessing her. 

MARY WOODARD'S heroism and pioneering efforts to protect children suffering sexual abuses from Watchtower officials have already been noted by Bill Bowen of silentlambs.org.  She recently emailed to say she has remarried, now is Mary Kochan and an editor of a Catholic publication.  Bill Bowen wrote the following introduction about her efforts:

Read the story that started it all, "Moving Forward."  Written by a faithful sister Mary Woodard in 1989 to address the horrifc problem of abuse in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Mary traveled to the writing department and intervewed personally with the head of the department.  The result of that interview was the 10/08/91 article in the Awake on abuse that helped so many to feel the organization was finally acknowledging there was a problem. To read this article you will not find any reference to this article from JW publications on their website or otherwise when dealing with abuse. The article defines repressed memories and shows how they are triggered by abuse. The Organizaiton of JW's have since backed away from this with the publishing of the 1995 Watchtower article on this topic.  The Watchtower 1995, 11/1 pages 28-29 in the Article, "Comfort for Those With a Stricken Spirit", under the heading, "What Can Elders Do?" plainly states:

"If the accusation is denied, the elders should explain to the accuser that nothing more can be done in a judicial way. And the congregation will continue to view the one accused as an innocent person. The Bible says that there must be two or three witnesses before judicial action can be taken. (2Cor.13:1; 1 Tim. 5:19) Even if more than one person "remembers" abuse by the individual, the nature of these recalls is just too uncertain to base judicial decisions on them without other supporting evidence. This does not mean that such "memories" are viewed as false (or that they are viewed as true). But Bible principles must be followed in establishing a matter judicially."

Certain men with conscience wrote the article of 1991 in the Awake magazine.  They were subsequently silenced as were thousands of victims of Watchtower policy on child abuse. Read the article "Moving Forward" written by a sister trying to help others understand and move on with their lives.

Moving Forward

Help for Witnesses Handling Issues of Abuse and Victimization in their Lives


by Mary Woodard, Douglasville, Georgia, October 1989


The breakdown of family life in the time of the end has taken a terrible toll on this generation. More and more of our brothers and sisters are facing the fact that their mental and emotional damage from growing up with family dysfunction and child abuse is deeper and longer lasting than they ever imagined. As they realize that their childhood experiences may not only have influenced but dictated the pattern of their adult lives, they begin to come to terms with issues of trust and intimacy that affect all of their relationships.

The following information is presented to help their friends and spiritual shepherds understand the spiritual and moral consequences they endure. It is hoped that this will enable them to express their love for the victims in the most helpful way, and specific suggestions are included as to how this can be done.

The author is a Christian Sister whose self observations provide insight into the thinking of someone facing these issues in her own life. The author would like to stress that though this is partly a personal account, the thoughts and feelings expressed herein are common to victims of abuse. It is offered with love and the expectation that the empathy of our friends and Jehovah's spirit will accompany us into recovery.


Moving Forward

I grew up in South Florida where long days at the beach are taken-for-granted part of summer. Walking under the palms in the grassy area near the beach is safe for bare feet. But, the sun heats the open sandy beach itself above a temperature tolerable to the touch. One day I forgot and ran toward the water heedless of my unprotected soles. When I realized I was being burned I stopped, hopping on alternate feet to look back and decide whether I would endure less pain dashing back to the grass or racing ahead to the ocean. I was equidistant from both, and since the reason I had come to the beach was to get in the water, I rushed on and in moments immersed my burned feet in the soothing sea water.

The problem with life is sometimes the same. To go ahead is painful, to go back is painful, and to stand still is intolerable. We have to remember that we came to the beach to get in the water, we came to life to live it, in order to plunge on ahead.

Who are the people for whom life is so painful that a real danger exists they may decide not to live it? I don't know them all, but I know some of them. And I am qualified to write about them because I am one of them. We are adults who were hurt as children and are still hurting. I am writing this to help you, our friends and spiritual shepherds, recognize some patterns of behavior and personality that identify us and provide some insight into the moral and spiritual problems we face. This may help you feel more confident in dealing with us.

One elder, himself a victim of sexual abuse, commented that "Satan was the first child molester". Satan picked the youngest and most vulnerable of Jehovah's family to seduce. The resulting corruption of Eve's character, including the guilt reaction, set the pattern for all future child abusers/molesters.

Sexual abuse of children, by no means new, is surely the crime of the time of the end. Through this activity, Satan accomplishes several goals. Sexual abuse may implant within the victim a tendency toward immorality much more compelling than that which follows naturally from inherited sin. Our abuse as children has damaged our self-identity and self-esteem. We feel like we have no control over our lives. We do, in reality, engage in out-of-control behaviors (compulsions) and out-of-control thinking (obsessions). Our lack of self-control is closely related to a feeling of not knowing who we are. Though we do not know ourselves, we hate and loathe ourselves. Our out-of-control thinking and behavior produces guilt, and the guilt reinforces our negative self-image and out-of-control feelings. This negative downward spiral may send us into a moral and spiritual tailspin from which recovery is difficult and painful.

Our lack of self-esteem makes it difficult to follow the command to "Love your neighbor as yourself". How attractive to me are people who operate from a center of health and self assurance. I wonder: What it would be like to love my neighbor as I loved myself? What would it be like to look out on the world from an inner room of peace and confidence? Sometimes I'm almost there. Oh, God! How I want to be like that!

If we hate, despise, ourselves, how can we ever love our neighbor? Blessedly, we have an inspired definition of love that describes love, not as a feeling, but, rather action. By training in the application of bible principles even those of us who are badly damaged by abuse can learn to show love to others. This engenders in others a loving response which, over time, can begin to build self-esteem and heal us.

Our interpersonal relationships are affected by our unclear self-identity and low self-esteem, and our relationship with Jehovah is also affected. Until recently I held the delusion that I could hide part of myself from Jehovah. I was sure that if I revealed myself completely Jehovah would hate me as much as I hated myself, condemn me as I condemned myself. What despair lay behind these thoughts! So, I maintained my delusion in spite of the clear intellectual knowledge that Jehovah knew everything about me, knew me better than I knew myself.

One thing we are good at is mental gymnastics. We are good at thinking one thing while feeling another; perceiving one thing while believing another.

Of all the precious benefits being in therapy and recovery have brought me so far, the breaking down of my barriers to freeness of speech in prayer is the one I treasure most.

Sexual abuse produces in the victim a profound sense of shame. This is compounded by the fact that on a physical level, some forms of abuse are pleasurable to the victim. Youngsters who have a healthy childhood naturally experience a coming alive of sexual feeling in adolescence, but for some of us those sensations were overwhelmingly the major feelings of our childhood. Even with mature, loving parental guidance, young men and women find their awakening to sexuality confusing and hard to handle. Yet they have had thirteen or fourteen or so years to develop coping mechanisms such as self-control, communication skills, delayed gratification, etc. What skills does an infant or young child possess to cope with the intensity of sexual feelings? Little or none. At the same time the abuse itself retards the development of other emotions and qualities of character and personality.

Since the abuser is usually close to the victim -- many of our abusers were family members -- serious issues of trust are brought into play. Parents represent all good to the child. They provide food, love and security. They are all-powerful, all-knowing, and all right. Our very survival depended on believing in our parents. When our parents were abusive, we did not attribute bad to them, we attributed bad to ourselves. We internalized a negative self-image. Once we had done that we expected to be hurt; we believed we deserved whatever pain came our way. And, if the pain didn't come to us we would go and get it.

Particularly in the case of girls abused by their fathers, a pattern of victimization is set up. Until released through therapy, some of us will, time and again, choose relationships with abusive men. We believe in our core that we deserve the abuse. If fact, the abuse feels like love. We may appear foolishly gullible, but in reality, we are armor plated. We trust no one.

We are not attracted to "nice men". We go for the ones who are addicted, abusive, or violent, and our radar is so sensitive that we have little trouble finding men like this within the Christian congregation. A relationship with a man like that lets us relive, and thereby "fix", our relationship with our fathers. We desire someone who is unresponsive to our needs, someone with whom true intimacy is impossible because we do not trust enough to be vulnerable.

We are angry. Some of us repress our anger and turn it inward. It may be virulent enough-to damage or subvert our immune system and kill us by disease. We deny our anger because to feel our anger is dangerous.

In order to feel our anger we have to believe that we are deserving of better treatment. If we come to believe that the woman we are now deserves better, then we must believe that the child we were also deserved better. This logically leads to the conclusion that "Daddy" was the one who was wrong or bad. It may be less painful to continue to be abused by our husbands or boyfriends than to face up to who or what "Daddy" was.

This serves Satan's plan well because it inhibits our development of a relationship with Jehovah as our heavenly father. I never related to Jehovah as a father. As God, Lord, Sovereign, Creator, yes, but as father, no! I did not trust Jehovah. I'm still working on this. This is not the same as faith. I have strong faith. The problem lies in trusting Jehovah with my feelings.

So the end result of abuse is adults who function in many ways like children. We are unable to be known to ourselves or to others. We cannot freely approach the throne of undeserved kindness, we have strong tendencies to engage in destructive behav­iors. We are trained to be victims, perfect targets for Satan.

What is abuse? Abuse takes many forms. All parents mistreat their children sometimes; that comes with imperfection. What damages a child is a pattern of family life where the child's emotional need for unconditional love is generally unmet. This can occur without overt physical or sexual abuse in a dysfunctional family. Anyone who grew up in a family with an addicted parent grew up in a dysfunctional family. But sexual abuse is such an overpowering violation of self-hood that just one incident may have tragic consequences. Rather than over dramatizing, many victims minimize the incident(s) and many who were abused do not recognize that what happened was abusive even when they fully recollect it. People who suffer from shame, low self-esteem, lack of self-identity and compulsive/obsessive behavior, were victims of abuse, whether they recall it or not.

How do we manage to function at all? How do we, with our damaged spirituality and emotions, carry on for years as participating members of the congregation of God's people?

To answer that it would be helpful to have a working definition of what constitutes mental/emotional health. The following explanation (provided by a brother who is a Mental Health professional) is elegantly simple, immediately applicable and totally in harmony with the bible.

When someone is mentally/emotionally healthy the person they are on the outside, which they present to others, their personality (including their practices) is a reflection of what they are on the inside. What a person is on the inside is what the bible calls "the secret person of the heart".'

When someone is mentally/emotionally sick, the person they are on the outside, which they present to others, their personality (including their practices) hides or conceals what they are on the inside.

There can be two reasons why someone would hide who they really are. They may be evil and be putting on a false front like Satan does when he "transforms himself into an angel of light". Or, the person may have been so badly hurt when young that they have build up layers of defenses to keep the secret person of the heart from being wounded anymore. If these layers of defenses are strong enough and complex enough, they may form an alternate personality that is very different from what the person truly is inside.

What is it like for someone to be locked away inside these defensive barriers? I always felt disconnected and unreal, as though I did not exist in the "real world" with everyone else. .The barrier was almost palpable like a curtain or wall. I envi­sioned myself tearing it apart or knocking it down and stepping through to the other side. Sometimes I even reached my hands out to do so, but there was nothing there that I could grab ahold of or beat down. Now, after some therapy, I feel like I am at least really here. But who is the "I" that is here? I don't know who I am. I have no clear edges. My boundaries are fuzzy. I can't tell exactly where I leave off and someone else begins. This makes it hard for me to set limits on my own behavior and on the behavior of others toward me. I tend to fade in and out like an out-of-focus picture. As my layers of defenses come down, I feel fragile. Sometimes I'm so thin and brittle I fear I might break apart, or so insubstantial I am afraid I'll disappear back inside. But I like being here. So I fight hard to get myself in focus, to feel my edges, to feel solid and whole.

The defenses we built up in childhood were appropriate survival measures given the circumstances of life we were endur­ing. When we persist in these behaviors and thought patterns as adults we are behaving inappropriately. The same defenses we built up to keep out pain now keep us away from what we need.

The negative messages we received as children -- that we are stupid, a failure, unwanted, bad, unlovable and worthless -- were not simply stated to us. They were transmitted with the volume all the way up, often accompanied by a hail of blows. They were loud, consistent and compelling. We erected strong defenses against these messages, but it was no good. They still got through. We believed them. Later, when people gave us positive messages about ourselves, our work, or anything, the positive messages could not get through the defenses. We never believed any good thing that was said to us about ourselves.

Because of the defenses we built, the outer person may have personality traits or engage in practices that are out of harmony with the desires of the secret person of the heart. We are all familiar with the teenage boy who hides his insecurity behind a facade of macho bravado. An abuse victim's entire personality may be a "snow job". We hide our lack of control by exercising extraordinary control over some aspect of our lives. We may appear very controlled and organized to cover up our internal chaos. We walk on the edge all the time. We are desperate. We cover up our low esteem with many genuine, (though often frantic) accomplishments, none of which nourish our inner self. We may seem arrogant or egotistical, while inside feeling inadequate or worthless. The elder previously mentioned said he can spot the victims who are always smiling and pretending to be fine, because "they have a hunted look in their eyes".

When you are dealing with victims of abuse try to remember that many unpleasant personality traits we exhibit do not reflect the person we are inside. Even wrong practices may be part of our defense mechanism. This is because we behave compulsively. We do not make choices; we do not know ourselves enough to ask "What do I want?" We are controlled, not in control. Compulsive behaviors include either refraining from or over indulging in the following:


FOOD: Food may equal nurturing. This is a favorite compulsion for victims of abuse. In some cases the nature of sexual abuse may develop a desire to control what is put in the mouth. Because ethyl alcohol is similar chemically to sugar, children of alcoholic parents may be biologically predisposed to addiction to sugar as well as alcohol. Symptoms of malnutrition in a sister who has a family-of-origin history of alcoholism may indicate a binge-purge (bulimia) or anorexia eating disorder.


SEX: Compulsive sexual misconduct ranges from masturbation to promiscuity. Many female victims end up as prostitutes. Women whose personal boundaries are unclear are vulnerable to sexual advances that healthier women would reject automatically. They may literally not know how to say "No". For sisters who have this problem, a commitment to uphold Jehovah's sovereignty by following his moral standards is their only protection. Precocious (early) sexual behavior in children or compulsive (repeated or multiple partners) misconduct in teenagers should be considered a red flag that may warn of a dysfunctional family with possible sexual abuse.

WORK: Many companies depend on a core of workaholics as the engine of their success. Healthy people find job satisfaction; a workaholic never does. This problem may be misdiagnosed as materialism. Even the most sublime work available to humans today -- Kingdom Evangelism -- can be engaged in compulsively.

MONEY: Money is representative. Its value is not inherent but attributed. This means we can hang all kinds of psychic baggage on money. Someone who is behaving compulsively with money may spend (shop) or may hoard. Severe and recurring disagreements about money between married people may represent power struggles and/or sexual problems.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Alcohol or drugs are a major compulsion problem. This problem cannot exist in a family without causing the family system to become dysfunctional. As with sexual mis­conduct, substance abuse by a young witness should be a red flag.

RAGE: The rage-a-holic gets his high from the adrenalin surge of anger. There is a build up period, then release, then recovery and the cycle repeats. Children of rage-a-holics suffer effects similar to children of alcoholics. Their environment makes no sense.

GAMBLING: Compulsive gambling involving wagering or betting is not difficult to identify, but gambling may also include: consistent tardiness to work; speeding; reckless driving; stealing (shoplifting) or other criminal acts; mishandling of checking accounts; unsafe sex; careless use of birth control; courting danger in sports, and disregard for safety procedures in handling tools and equipment.

CO-DEPENDENCY: This is an addiction to relationships. The most succinct definition I ever heard for "Co-dependency is being dependent on someone else being dependent on you". It's called co-dependency because the person with this addiction often links up with someone who has another addictive disorder. Or, two co-dependents get together. This is often called "love".

These are the major areas where compulsion shows up. Even the most innocuous activities can be engaged in compulsively. We may be compulsive about organization of personal belongings, personal hygiene, house cleaning, exercise, appearance, T.V. watching, hand washing or protecting our own children.

When a compulsive behavior involves indulgence it becomes an addictive disorder. This is true whether or not actual physical addiction occurs. For this reason all of the different compul­sions (work, sex, food, etc.) are referred to by mental health professionals as the Drug of Choice. Interestingly the most effective treatment for all of the addictive disorders is the same. It is a program of spiritual recovery.

Here is an important clue for someone questioning his own degree of control: IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTROL SOMETHING, THAT THING IS CONTROLLING YOU.

Being in the Truth mitigates the effects of the mental illness by providing the strongest motivation to avoid bad conduct. But there will be unavoidable breakdowns in this protection in someone who is sick enough. It is possible to live subject to compulsions and obsessions and not be seriously violating Jehovah's law. Still, this behavior keeps us from taking responsibility for our own life. For many years I engaged in all kinds of compulsive behaviors while appearing sane, by constantly switching from one Drug of Choice to another. Whenever a certain activity got out of hand or I thought I might get caught or go crazy, I switched to a different compulsion. I often had a number going at once. This is a tortured way to live.

Obsession is to thinking what compulsion is to behavior. Obsession may accompany compulsion. A compulsive eater may be obsessed with thoughts of food.

Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors allow us who have no clear self-identity and who are out of contact with our feelings and desires, to pretend to have a real life. We cling to our obsessions and compulsions because they let us fake living and we are afraid that without them we will cease to exist.

We crave the up-down, high-then-crash, roller coaster ride our compulsions provide. The turmoil and pain these things bring into our lives are a substitute for the real feelings we have buried. A normal life feels like sensory deprivation.

Co-dependents measure the depth of love by the degree of pain. We are intelligent, insightful and generous. We are in touch with the conflicting feelings of everyone else but we have no idea what we are feeling.

We live in fantasy, never seeing things as they are, but seeing them as we want them to be. We try to manipulate reality to conform to our fantasy. And we can't figure out why this doesn't work.

We take more than our share of responsibility for our rela­tionships. We even take responsibility for people with whom we have no relationship. Co-dependents are the women who marry convicts while they are still in prison!

We are caretakers rather than care givers. We do not just give needed care. Rather we take care of, for others, what they should take care of themselves. By taking care of others we are trying to make up, vicariously, for the care we did not receive as children.

Co-dependents over-function for others. This is control masquerading as assistance. In the Truth this can be observed among sisters who over-function spiritually for their husbands. Another common situation is that of publishers (usually sisters) who become entangled in the lives of their bible students. Even before the students have taken a stand for the Truth, the pub­lisher is baby sitting for them, finding them a job, ferrying them about town, helping them with bills, etc. Co-dependents are the world's greatest rescuers. We anticipate the needs of others and we will take care of them, whether our help is wanted or wasted.

The only person we do not take care of is ourselves. We believe it is noble to deprive ourselves. We may appear to be practicing Christian self-sacrifice, but that can only be prac­ticed by someone who has a "self" to sacrifice. The truth is we do not believe we have the right to enjoy life or to be happy, and we will sabotage our own success if the pleasure in our lives rises to an "uncomfortable" level.

Some people who have "hit bottom" with co-dependency and alcoholism have said that the co-dependency was worse. Female co-dependents may be addicted to men and pain. We do not feel like we have any valid existence outside of a relationship. After all
the years on the roller coaster ride, to walk on terra firms seems boring. There is no point to life when we are fully in the grip of our addiction.   »

I pass a traffic accident. A woman sits behind the wheel of her crumpled car, her face covered with blood. I am jealous of her physical pain, and I am jealous of the chaos that has come into her life temporarily relieving her of her day to day respon­sibilities. People are rushing to her, their hands reaching out to her, making contact in their compassionate recognition of her obvious need. And I am jealous of that too. I am as hurt and traumatized as she is but because my injuries are not visible, I am often without caring contact. I know that my envy of her is a sign of how sick I am.

A school bus stops ahead of me to unload a group of high schoolers. One girl who gets off doesn't get in step with the others who are filing around the front of the bus toward home. Instead, she faces the door of the bus expectantly. Moments later a tall young man bounds off the bus and kisses her. I watch them as they chat. He reaches his hand out in what appears to be the start of a caress, but suddenly he had made a fist and hit her on the cheek. She moves away from him, falling in line with other students as he pursues her. They are out of my sight for a few seconds, but when they reappear, his arm is around her shoulder and she is leaning against him as they walk. My stomach churns. Her future is my past, and there is nothing I can do to save her. In my recognition of her, and in my compassion, I have a sign of my progress toward health.

Our obsessions and compulsions represent a lack of self control. The ultimate loss of control is in death, so obses­sions/compulsions are pathways to death. They are mini-suicides robbing us of control, bit by bit, and may lead us to actual suicide. On the other hand, self control is a fruitage of the spirit of God who is the source of life.

Our lack of self control/esteem/identity, results from our being taught not to trust our own perceptions. Our feelings were denied rather than validated.

One sister remembers: "When my father finished beating me in one of his rage-a-holic fits, I went crying into my room. My mother followed me in and I turned to her and said, 'I hate him!' she replied 'No you don't you don't really feel that way'".

Victims internalize a set of rules:

We don't feel what we feel. We don't think what we think. We don't see what we see. We don't hear what we hear.

The most important rule is: DON"T TALKI Any cultural, organizational or familial system that prevents the free and honest expression of feelings, or which encourages people to pretend that things are not as they really are, fosters mental illness within it's members.

As young children we take on the role of protecting and defending our abusers. This is the beginning of co-dependency.

Even with all these problems we may function within normal parameters. We get married, raise families, work, carry out congregational responsibilities, preach, etc. Many of us have some rough times as teenagers, then settle down in our twenties into an apparently stable life. But, something goes wrong later on. We have some unfinished work to do.

At first we don't know what's going on. We increase our compulsive behavior as our internal controls start to break down. We think "This can wait until after Armageddon. I don't have time for this now".

Coping mechanisms we used in youth suddenly reappear. Our out of control thoughts and behaviors cause guilt and shame. We feel like we are falling apart. We may believe, or others may tell us we have a spiritual problem that can be solved by more field service, study, etc. When this doesn't work we may start to think that our faith has failed us or that we have failed our faith.

Some of us have flashbacks of childhood experiences. This is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. We try to put the lid back on. Some of us have litanies, a phrase we repeat so we can get back on top. I sat for hours saying to myself: "Don't think, don't think, don't think" over and over. If we cannot squelch the memories we may begin or go back to using drugs or alcohol to drown them out, or numb the pain. A real spiritual problem can develop if substance abuse goes unchecked. We get depressed and thoughts of suicide begin to seduce us.

What do we need from our friends, mates, and spiritual shepherds? We need to be participants in a very special kind of communication. There are a few essential things we do need to be told, but we mostly need to be heard. It is amazing how much work we can do on our own recovery, just having someone to listen to us. All the advice in the world will not heal someone. We heal ourselves. If you try to take away someone's pain, you are disabling them and participating in victimization. It may be very difficult to listen and not jump in with a lot of advice or scriptures etc. But, if you will do it, you will be privileged to see miracles.

We need:

1.    Exoneration

2.   Acceptance and Approval

3.   Respect

(1) Exoneration: We need to be freed from guilt and shame. We need to be told that we were victims, that what happened to us was not our fault, that we were not to blame. We may need to hear this message over and over. Remember, it has to get through the defenses to the secret person of the heart.

We don't just feel guilty because of the abuse, we feel guilty because of the ways we coped with it; we are ashamed of our compulsive behaviors. We need to be told that whatever we did to survive was OK. We had a right to survive. Recovery cannot occur unless survival comes first.

Guilt and shame are not synonymous. Guilt is healthy, shame is not. The internal messages are different. The message of guilt is "I have done something bad." The message of shame is "I am bad". Guilt motivates us, shame debilitates us. Shame has to do with self worth and may have no connection with conduct.

We did not go through the normal stages of emotional development. Some of us were trained in immorality from infancy. We feel shame because of the bizarre, intrusive, confusing, furtive or frightening nature of our first sexual experiences. Some of us have discovered perverted desires in ourselves and we are ashamed of these. We need to be told that we are not to blame for having these desires. It isn't our fault. We are responsible for our behaviors. Most of us have triumphed over Satan's programming of us. All of us can.

(2) Acceptance and Approval: If you could stand for a moment in the shoes of a victim of sexual abuse and feel the depth and intensity of our self-loathing, you would be shocked and shaken. One addictive disorders counselor said, "If we did to others what we do to ourselves we would be sued, imprisoned, and scorned by society". We have figured out ways to pay for our "crimes" that truly constitute cruel and unusual punishment. But we are experts at enlisting others to punish us too. We especially enjoy the services of authority figures in this and Elders fall into that category.

Once we recognize ourselves as victims, we have taken the first step toward recovery. Now we need to learn who we are, we need to define ourselves. Your acceptance and approval affirms what is good in us. It takes many positive messages to counteract the negative ones we have stored in our heads.

We are almost psychic when it comes to reading others' feelings. We have been tuning into others and blocking our own feelings all our lives. This starts with having to read what kind of mood our parents were in so we would know how safe we were from minute to minute. This ability may make us seem overly sensitive. We can't help it. With our ill-defined boundaries, a flicker of irritation across someone's face may assault us like a blow. If you are trying to help a victim and you cannot truly accept and approve of them, forget it. You are not the man for the job.

As I start recovery, If find I am hungry to hear good things about myself. Some Elders seem afraid to offer praise to me. Others are warmly supportive. From them up-building and encour­aging words just flow.

When I get better, stronger, I will be able to say good things to myself. I will gradually replace the negative "tapes" in my head with positive ones. I will apply myself consciously and systematically to the task. I've already begun, but in the meantime, the acceptance and approval of others is important to my recovery. It is where I am right now and I accept that I am where I am.

If you are trying to help a victim, do not hold back your affirmations of their personal worth. Do not be afraid that your praise will make us "puffed up". Remember how low our self-esteem is.

Accepting me means accepting my feelings. Denial of the validity of feelings is a form of emotional abuse. Never tell someone "you shouldn't feel that way". A feeling is a fact. I feel the way I feel.

It's easy to accept positive feelings, but negative emotions may push the wrong buttons in you. Keep it in perspective, remembering who is sick and who is well. Don't take things personally. Many of us have repressed anger. It may leak out and hurt those around us, even those who are trying to help us. We need to TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS. Victims who deny they are angry may be more comfortable for you to deal with than those who are feeling and expressing anger. But, the latter are further along in recovery.

We are emotionally retarded and confused. We may come across as rude, selfish, arrogant, demanding, cold or indifferent. Don't be fooled; we are terrified.

Female victims are usually co-dependent, fearful and angry with men, yet craving their acceptance and approval. We may need to be encouraged to do a reality check. Question whether we are responding to a here and now situation, or reenacting something from the past. It may even help to say, "I am not the man that hurt you, I am not going to hurt you".

Male victims are just as fearful as female victims, but they tend to be as afraid of their own potential to hurt others as they are afraid of others. One Christian brother went into severe isolation and depression when his first child was born because of his fear that he would, like so many male victims, become an abuser. Men who are adult children of alcoholics (ACOA'S), may have intense needs to control and dominate others. This is a reaction to the unpredictable conditions of their early life. They may be more difficult to reach than female victims because of reluctance to express emotions, fear of appearing weak, etc. As with female victims the key is getting them to share their feelings and standing by with acceptance and approval.

(3) Respect: Moving into recovery is hard work. It is clearly the hardest thing I have ever done and I have done a lot of hard things. But it's not visible work and I don't get paid for it. Sometimes I'm so occupied with this work that I am unable to carry out the other tasks of my life. So, when I'm doing the least work on the outside I may be doing my most productive work on the inside. That goes along great until I begin to worry that I am probably getting a reputation as self indulgent or as a malingerer.

I don't expect everyone to understand this illness, but I do want those who are closest to me to respect the hard work I am doing. Still, whether they do or not, I will respect it. I will give this work the time and energy it requires and I will seek out those who respect me and are understanding and supportive.

When you work with victims of child abuse it may help you to be aware that the mental health profession calls us survivors. Like those who have walked, dignity and humanity intact, out of a concentration camp, we deserve your respect.



Have confidence in the body-mind tendency to heal. In medicine this is called homeostasis. Even in our imperfect condition this powerful tendency exists and functions well in most people.

Recovery takes place in stages. It is a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process. There may be a number of healing crises, these should be viewed positively. Always express confidence in the friend's tendency toward health. Remember that people live up or down to the expectations of those around them.

I am fascinated by the progress of recovery. It is amazing to observe it is myself and to read or hear about it in others. I find I have to be patient with myself. I cannot force this along. I am cooperating with a natural process.

Overcoming obsessions and compulsions takes place in a pattern. First, I recognize the behavior. Now if I engage in self-recrimination over it, immersing myself in shame, I get nowhere in changing the behavior. Instead, I find it helps me to play a more detached role, like an observer. I accept that I own that behavior and that I am choosing to engage in it. I try to notice if anything triggers it, if there are practical changes I need to make in my life. I make everything as easy for myself as possible. Then I forgive myself and tell myself that when I am ready, I will change this behavior. Amazingly, it seems to disappear without effort. I find this incredible. I didn't know I was so cooperative. I always thought I had to beat myself up to accomplish anything.

Children are victims, adults are volunteers. Many of us set up a life situation that replays childhood conflicts. Some of us realize first that we are being abused as adults and that leads us to explore victimization in our lives and finally get back and dig up the childhood experiences. Others of us start out dealing with the childhood stuff, and then come to see that the pattern of abuse is continuing.

If we are living with abuse or with an addict, we are co-dependent. Healthy people will not put up with what we tolerate. We will endure anything. I always thought, "If I could stand it, it must be O.K.". It never occurred to me that life was to be lived, not just survived. Co-dependency is the normal response of someone who lives for an extended time in an abnormal situation. Everyone engages sometimes in some co-dependent behavior. But for some of us co-dependency is an illness that has taken on a life of its own. It is a progressive, fatal condition. Recovery is ongoing; it is one day at a time. Like an alcoholic, I can never stop recovering. My choice is not between sickness and health; it is between the process of the illness and the process of recovery.

What if you recognize a victim before the victim recognizes himself or herself? It's very difficult to help a victim who is in denial. I read plenty of articles including the ones in the Watchtower and Awake about mental illness, child abuse, battered wives, etc. But, while I was in denial, I never believed any of this stuff applied to me. You will have to wait for the person to get ready to go through the process. Ultimately, our live become unmanageable. You can put yourself on standby; let them know, "If you ever want to talk about this, I'm willing to listen". Be prepared, once the dam breaks and the friend starts to talk, they may not be able to stop until its all out. Provide appropriate venues for them to express themselves and listen, listen, listen, accept, accept, accept.

(Of course if the person is engaging in immorality, child abuse, spouse abuse, drunkenness, drug abuse, or criminal activity, the disciplinary function of the congregation provides intervention as well as the leverage to encourage treatment.)

For the victim who is ready .but is having trouble remember­ing, some things that can help are: conversations with siblings, looking at old photographs, visiting childhood sites, listening to or reading others' experiences. Reading this paper may help someone recognize their underlying problem. Writing as therapy is highly recommended. One therapist said that writing communicates what is learned by one part of us to another part of us. I found that writing puts my intelligence and creativity in charge of leading me towards health.

How do you know whether or not professional help is requir­ed? You don't. But the victim probably will. We can tell in which direction we are headed. Since issues of domination, control or free-will may be involved, we should be encouraged to make our own decisions, and as much as possible, direct our own recovery.

This applies to people whose illness is the result of childhood abuse, but whose brain functions are otherwise normal. Prof­essional evaluation should be sought for those who are severely depressed, suicidal, or whose coping abilities have broken down, so that medical treatment can be used where it would be helpful. One sister, for example, is being treated for a problem with brain chemistry, manic depression, and also having talk therapy to deal with childhood issues. Just as people can have more than one physical illness or injury at a time, they can have more than one mental illness at a time.

Thousands of people are moving into recovery by reading, writing, talking and listening, without individual therapy by a professional. Many others use a therapist to orient them to the task and then get on with it with the help of a support group. A support network is very important. Some Witnesses are getting this within their congregation, while others are finding it elsewhere.

Some of you elders may hesitate to get involved with people going through some of these things. You may not have a choice. Some of you are married to victims. Some of you feel unqualified and afraid. You can overcome that by education. Your best source of information will probably be the friend you are trying to help. We are often very clued in to what we need and if you listen we will tell you.

I've been helped toward recovery by an elder, by the staffs at the Mental Health unit of a hospital, and by a twelve-step group. But there was something I got from one of my Christian overseers that I could not get from anyone else. I grew up "in the truth", my roots go down deep into Jehovah's organization and I deeply respect His sacred arrangements. When I received exon­eration, acceptance, approval and respect from one of his spirit directed servants, that elder represented Jehovah for me. The positive effect on my spirituality was immediate and dramatic. I was then able to take the security I felt in Jehovah's care for me into the other therapeutic situations. This was something I needed and something I deserved as a faithful Christian. It would be a tragedy to withhold that from one of the friends because you thought a professional was more qualified.

I've come a long way and I've learned a lot. I've learned that life is for living now, and not just for surviving until Armageddon. I've learned that the only person I have control over is myself. I've learned that my thoughts and desires are separate from my actions and practices. I've learned that love is not pain, poverty is not good, and anger is not bad. I've learned I have choices and its O.K. for me to make a mistake. I'm discovering that I have boundaries. I've learned that I don't have to apologize for being here. I've- learned that just because someone gives me something doesn't mean I have to eat it, use it, or wear it. I've learned that thee are enough good things in life for me to have some too, and it's O.K. for me to want them.

This sounds good, but really I'm tricking you. I'm intellectualizing. Most of this I've read and heard, and I don't really believe it. But I will. I will keep reading it and listening to it and saying it until I do believe it.

Most of this stuff probably sounds simple and obvious. One of the problems with mentally ill people is that we don't see the obvious. We've grown up with a bizarre set of rules to fit our bizarre circumstances. We have to learn the things normal people take for granted. We have to find out what normal is. We have to find out what our feelings are.

I am driving down the road with all my kids and suddenly I have a feeling. At least I think it's a feeling. I'm learning to pay attention to feelings. So I send all the kids to the back of the van and turn off the radio so I can concentrate on this possible feeling. It takes me a moment to identify what this feeling is. It's shame; I am ashamed. I try to figure out why.

I think about what was on the radio and what I was talking about with the kids. Then I hit on it. Several blocks before I caught myself with that feeling, I had made an error in driving that inconvenienced (just inconvenienced, not endangered!) another driver. I thought at the time, "Boy, I'll bet she thinks I'm stupid". Now I'm having this terrible feeling. Before therapy I would have stuffed it down inside. I would have emotionally abused myself by saying, "I have no reason to feel this way". So, I make a decision to let myself experience this feeling.

Great! Here I am driving down the street with a van full of kids feeling ashamed. Now what do I do? I decide to see just where this feeling will lead if I give it full rein. I find myself thinking, "I shouldn't drive; I'm too stupid. I'm so stupid I don't deserve to live". Now I'm pretty surprised. I didn't know THAT was still lurking around down inside. I start to argue. I bring my sense of fairness into play. "Well, if I don't deserve to live because I made a mistake in driving, what about all the other mistakes everyone else makes all the time?" "They don't deserve to live either". Now, that certainly is fair enough, but I'm shocked. Have I really been walking around with all this misanthropy? Hate your neighbor as you hate yourself? I kick in my sense of humor. Maybe the next time my kids make a mistake I'll stand them against the wall and shoot them. The ludicrousness of the whole thing is becoming clear. I decide I have had enough of this feeling and that when I turn the corner I am going to stop feeling this way. I will forgive myself and everyone else, and I do.

My head is a minefield and I never know when something is going to blow up. But if I walk and run and stomp and dance around in there long enough I'll get rid of them. That is why my recovery has to be major priority in my life.

I am not alone on this journey, nor is the path uncharted. Many others have already been here and their stories give me hope and show me where I am headed. I've got some tough stuff to do real soon, family of origin work and healing my inner child, I've had little glimpses of how excruciating this is going to be. My personality has been shredded, now I have to rebuild it piece by piece. But I have Jehovah, the friends, my support group and my own courage. I'll make it as those who came before me did, and as those who follow me will too.

We can move into positions of power in our lives. We can do amazing things. More impressive than the widow who gave all she 'had and earned Jesus' praise, some of us have managed to give to our children what we never had, self-esteem. What more could anyone give than to give what was never given them? This is a triumph!

Please listen to us, give us your exoneration, acceptance, approval and respect. Then, as our layers of defenses peel away to reveal who we really are inside, someone precious and lovable, we will come to have your affection as well.


Paul Blizard, formerly a worker at the Bethel complex of building in Brooklyn and now a highly regarded Baptist minister, has written, "Later, I became a part of a group that met with Franz on Wednesday nights, listening to him pontificate. We would discuss the "daily text," a scripture passage. I will never forget his voice as he stretched out the syllables, "Brooother Blizaaaaard, what comment do you have on this text."

I would try my best to interpret it. Once, I asked the wrong question and drew a violent response. Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that Jehovah God himself deals directly only with a group known as "the remnant" and that other Jehovah's Witnesses must deal with Him through the Watchtower Society.

The arrangement puzzled me. I asked: "Brother Franz, since the Watchtower Society in Brooklyn is the only outlet for God to speak through, by way of the printed materials and so forth, how would someone of the 'remnant' get information from God to other Witnesses? I mean ... how would an older sister, say, way out in the country, for example, give Spiritual food from Jehovah to others?"

Franz's face turned red and he replied: "How? ... How? ... By supporting what is printed in the Watchtower, that's how!" With that, he went to his room. End of discussion. I believe Franz's reaction was demonic.



Readers need to note that the following are alleged experiences, not facts proved in any court of law.


Gail Massicotte now lives in Florida and wished to relate her feelings as expressed following:


She felt that Jehovah’s Witness Elders often directed extremely degrading comments at her.  She was shown neither genuine loving concern nor proper respect.  For example the Elders would get angry and say, “Stop opening up your legs, hold an aspirin down there.” 


Gail would respond to them, “If Jesus came to Earth he’d call you Pharisees!  He’d clean all of you out!  You’re supposed to guiding us, refreshing us!   Show me where Jesus didn’t show respect to women.  He never talked to them like that!  You can’t read my heart!  Hearing you, I think I’m throwing my pearls before the swines!!” 


She was raised in the Watchtower Society but left when age thirty-six.  She would pray to God, “Why are they doing this?  Why am I being persecuted like this?”  Her own brother was an overseer, and her sister was an Elder’s wife, but now she has nothing to do with them. 


When age three Gail found that she was a healer by which she means she feels that she can talk to a person and tell them information about their “soul” (that is, body with its spirit).   She says she found out that Nathan Knorr was her grandfather.


She says people who didn’t know the sort of things that Knorr was put through have a wrong view of him.  Although mistaught cult ways, she stressed that he was trying hard to be “a righteous man,” truly a righteous man.  


As said, she left Watchtower at age thirty-six.  This came after she had discovered not only that her Mom was into the Mafia, spiritism and lesbianism, but had stolen her from her actual birth mother. 


When Gail was age two her Mom joined and infiltrated the Watchtower Society.  Hypocritically her Mom went in field service etc to look good, but at night she did drug running etc and would take Gail along to indoctrinate her into doing as the Mom wanted.


Gail was raped at her grandfather’s.  Her mother took her to some Mafia meetings at Bethel at about age eleven and also at age twelve.  There were cubby holes behind filing cabinets which she had to crawl into in order to retrieve envelopes that contained laundered dirty (that is criminally gained) money, some being for example in conference rooms with nice tables. 


The roof paneling had envelopes with money in them, too; there was also money on dining area roofs.  (It is not clear here if she meant ceilings or exactly what)  Sometimes envelopes of money were pulled upwards via a kitchen elevator or dumbwaiter.


Her Mom programmed her to at the saying of a certain word or feeling a tap on the shoulder go into a trance-like state, doing as instructed.


Gail was studying the Bible already at age two, and by age three she would stand up to her Mom, opposing the doing of things that her Mom wanted her to do but that were wrong.  It was confusing whenever she would hear Elders whom she knew did wrong deeds at other times be giving Bible convention talks about needing to do what is good. 


She was raped for not going along with what all her Mom was trying to program into her.  To make her more obedient, at age 13 her Mom had another person put a wire for electrical shocking upon her left leg calf, which made her feel vulnerable.  This was included with rape, in an effort to make her try to remember drug territories information for her Mom.


For a long time she did not remember about the electrical wire but then the memory of it came back.  She says she also has a white mark where she used to be shocked.


She has suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder and couldn’t express herself totally on it but for example she used to paint her fingernails red and then remove the red fingerpaint.   She didn’t want to be doing wrong things, but she was also programmed to prostitute. 


Her Mom took her to New York where she would be raped and made to feel degraded.  Her Mom wanted to take away from her the concept of right and wrong, and along with it also remove the concept of what is normal sexuality, (giving her guilt where she shouldn’t feel guilty, making her okay where she should feel bad.)


She says she has helped many people out (of the Watchtower), and she feels that she is now being used as a vessel for Jesus. 


She recalls that at some point when a child she saw a gardener who buried a plastic bag full of envelopes with money.  (She did not note if she recalled seeing this done anywhere in Brooklyn or elsewhere)


Among various places, she remembers that they once came to live on Meetinghouse Road in Merrimac, Florida.  Her age was then 16.   They were always moving about because of her Mom’s cultic practices.


Up north was Lake Baboosick (?), maybe around Shinserd (?), Massachusetts where friends used to come and get baptized.  They also had picnics.


Her son was tied to a tree, fed or had excrement shoved before him, taught to first start with the killing insects.  For a reward he was raped, in the cult pain being equated to pleasure, and pleasure to pain; the goal being to remove his sense of conscience.  It was taught by the cult within the Watchtower cult that if a child set a house on fire when told to then he would get a toy.


Not only the son but the daughter with her were actually given birth to by other women, then swapped off with her own biological children.   This was to discipline her for not always following instructions.  


At age 5 her son was Attention Deficit Disorder, set his bed on fire and put his hand in the fire but didn’t feel it.  He would be found at a house by the returned owners and he would curse at them as if they didn’t belong there and he did.  He was put into a mental hospital.


However, an anointed sister helped her son out to such an extent that she feels that he is now whole again.  While in the cult she did not note any unusual clothing such as hoods but she did see some use of candles with the invoking of demons. 


The cultists empower energy through the demons, then their minds, intangibly inflecting pain and fatigue.


She believes Daytona was full of the cultists, at least 15; Lake Wales had 20-25; many were in Port Orange, some in Avon Park, Florida.


She now attends a non-denominational church called the Celebration Church.  She enjoys that it has much positive energy making some of the people glow with joy.


She says that some companies such as for cigarettes and some brands of bluejeans have Mafia ties.


Gail was in the Bethel complex in Brooklyn, New York, twice.  She entered a tall buildings then went off to the left, and there was a storage area.




In some ways what Gail Massicotte alleges is similar to what Ravyn Giuliani has alleged, especially so insofar as use, misuse and abuse of children. 


Whereas Ravyn’s account speaks more of cultists focused on trying to divine the future by automatic-writing and who wore cult garments, Gail’s Massicotte’s account speaks more of cultists focused on drugs and money-laundering in particular in Florida and New York but not wearing cult garments.   


One might speculate (although still bearing in mind that these are only allegations) that the accounts speak of either the same cultists or, just as possible, of two different although interconnected cult groups.


In any case, according to Watchtower it has no real problems with pedophiles in it, and nor does it have any problem with Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Other groups have such problems, but Watchtower emphasizes their organization which is the only one that is “Jehovah’s organization on Earth,” and which now has over 1 million members in the United States alone, has no such problems.


Of course, though, if “Jehovah’s organization” that operates out of Brooklyn, New York, were to have only one drug or pedophile cultists in 100 then that would mean 10,000 such cultists in the U.S. alone; and if there were only one in 1,000 then that would still mean 1000 such cultists embedded among mostly unsuspecting JW men, women and children in the U.S. alone.



Daniel Sydlik lived 1919-2006.  He was born in February 1919, near Belleville, Michigan (U.S.A.). 

His family lived in a farm.   His childhood was difficult.  His father belonged to the Bible Students, but when Daniel was 3 years old his father died.  This caused his mother to have to raise Daniel and his five siblings.

He showed interest in Jehovah's Witnesses in the 1930s. By September of 1941 he was a pioneer (full-time door-to-door preacher amongs JWs), and in 1942 became special pioneer in San Pedro, California and was also at Richmond in San Francisco.

During World War II, the U.S. government would not accept that he was a Christian minister and so in 1944 he was condemned to 3 years of forced labor.  Freed in 1946, he went to pioneer in Hollywood, California.  Milton G. Henschel, then Watchtower Secretary, invited him to the world headquarters in New York, and he began service there on October 20, 1946.

He helped with writing 20 years.  He married Marina, a much younger woman from Hebburn, England.  On November 28, 1974, he was appointed to the Governing Body.  He died April 18, 2006.  (Watchtower of June 1, 19

While on the Governing Body he also oversaw the Bethelites, for example their living quarters.  He was noted as giving amusing field service and other anecdotes during assemblies.  In person he could seem either amiable and winning or totally cold and impersonal as if off in his own world.

http://corior.blogspot.com/2006/02/notes-on-governing-body-of-jehovahs.html; meeting and hearing him on two assembly occasions in Missouri


Theodore Jaracz was born in 1925 and died in 2010.  Born in Kentucky, he grew up in southern Illinois and was baptized during the 1940s.

He attended the Gilead or missionary school of the Watchtower Society, then was assigned to Australia, where he was a Circuit Overseer and a District overseer. He became branch overseer of Australia in 1951.

During 1955 or 1956, after having been in Australia some 5 years, he returned to the United States.  He was made a Circuit Overseer and as either a Circuit or District Overseer in the Los Angeles, California, area.

On November 28, 1974, he was appointed to the Governing Body.  He was described as generally of a dark or grumpy disposition although on occasion he could seem smiley and winning.

On the Governing Body he fought against reforms to lessen pedophilia among Jehovah's Witness Elders whom he controled as he was also head of the powerful, secretive Service Department.  At Watchtower's world headquarters over Jehovah's Witnesses, he was nicknamed "The Boss."

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